CHEMC Global, a Complete Health Education Materials Company, provides fair and balanced up-to-date medical, scientific and health care related hematology and oncology content.

CHEMC Global's services include: CME grant preparation; development of CME materials; creation of PowerPoint presentations; newsletter composition; poster design; journal article writing; abstract, monograph and white paper production; creation of brochures and manuals; assembly of patient education brochures; assistance with book chapter writing; and transcription of meeting proceedings.

All work is done by writers with doctorates (PhDs, PharmDs), medical degrees (MDs), as well as business (MBAs) and journalism degrees. We ensure that the person doing your project has the scientific and medical know-how in the therapeutic area in which content is required. In addition, we have access to local, national or international key opinion leaders in the hematology and oncology fields.

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